Game Music of the Day: Star Wars: Republic Commando

Game: Star Wars: Republic Commando

Song: Vode An

Composer: Jesse Harlin

Vode An (Brothers All) is the title screen music for the criminally underlooked Star Wars FPS Republic Commando. To me, it is an extremely well done war chant that captures the spirit of brotherhood and camaraderie pervasive throughout the game. The lyrics are sung in Mando’a, the fictional language of the Mandalorian race in the Star Wars universe. A translation for the lyrics can be found here (opens in new tab). This game is filled with great music, such as the pulse-pounding Dha Werda Verda (Warriors of the Shadows):

Above: If you are not nodding your head or tapping your feet in 20 seconds, I’ll be forced to conclude you have no soul

Above: Through the Canopy, a slower, more subtle offering

Above: The prologue music

Above: The aforementioned prologue, one of the best intro movies for a game I’ve seen

The soundtrack was available for free download at the official website, until it was shut down. However, it can still be found here (opens in new tab).

Today’s entry comes from Star Wars and GamesRadar fan Jake Peterson, who magnanimously donated this GMOTD article to help fill in the gaps as we prepare for E3 2011. If you’d like to submit your own GMOTD entry (with MP3 and image) fire it off and we’ll slowwwwwwly get to it. Thanks, Jake!

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Hyrule Castle by Koji Kondo

(opens in new tab)

Kickin’ drum and bass tunes from the N64 days

(opens in new tab)

Gate Area by Jonathan Dunn

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