Full Conan The Barbarian trailer brawls online


The first full-length trailer for Conan The Barbarian has swept online.

And despite some impressive scope-boosting visuals, there are distinct echoes of The Scorpion King to be found in its beefy hero fighting silly-looking foes in sandy landscapes.

Jason Momoa plays the titular Conan, tagging the role from Arnold Schwarzenegger. He sets out on a vengeance mission when his father and tribe is killed.

On his way, he meets the warlord responsible for all the destruction.

Check out the trailer below…

Highlights? Rose McGowan is near unrecognisable as a deathly-pale witch with impressive sand-conjuring powers, while Stephen Lang’s looking bad-ass as a scarred, Middle Eastern warlord.

The mix of old school set-building and in-camera atmosphere with CGI creatures should also be pretty effective.0

For now, though, Conan’s looking more cheesy fun in a ‘we know it’s awful but we love it anyway’ way, rather than something genuinely entertaining.

Conan The Barbarian opens in 3D on 26 August.

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