FRINGE “We Have The Opportunity To Finish The Story”

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Having teetered on the brink of cancellation for the last couple of years, it looked for a while like the consistently brilliant Fringe might be forced to end on a never-resolved cliffhanger. Then US network Fox gave it a surprise 13-episode fifth season to wrap up the story – and the team seem delighted to be getting the chance to finish their tale and tie up those loose ends.

“I think it’s such a rare gift to be given what I consider to be a grace note at the end of a TV show,” says Joshua Jackson, who plays Peter Bishop. “Most TV shows end in bloody, awful ways with bitterness and acrimony on all sides. I watched Firefly and I was not stoked when it was all of a sudden cancelled. So for us to have the opportunity knowing, going into the last year, that we have 13 episodes to go out and tell a really concise story that challenges everybody in the right way. [Showrunner] JH Wyman has the opportunity to go finish his story and finish his characters and leave off exactly where he wants to go.”

Fringe’s fifth season kicks off in the US on Fox on Friday 28 September, and will air on Sky1 HD in the UK. Read more about the show in the new issue of SFX , on sale now. Fringe features in our 24-page Awesome TV Preview bonus mini-mag, alongside all of the big new shows starting between now and Christmas.

To celebrate the preview mag, for the next two weeks we’re going to be running a story from a different show every day on – featuring extra content you won’t be able to read in the magazine. Come back tomorrow for Day 5.

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