Forza Motorsport 4: hands-on with the new Hockenheim course

We don’t doubt that Forza 4 is going to be excellent, but right now we’re slightly miffed at the lack of sexiness that Microsoft and developer Turn 10 has decided to demo on the show floor here at Gamescom. For starters, it only has one car – the beautiful BMW M5 – that only comes in electric blue. And a solitary track to race around, although it is the new to the series Hockenheim course. Pah. Anyways, this is what it looks like and after the vid we’ll tell you how it plays.

Looks purdy, right? We shook off our disappointment at the lack of variety in the demo long enough to write the following positive words.

Even at this stage you can tell it’s a cut above GT5. Not a mega-leap forwards, but in terms of handling and looks it screeches ahead of Polyphony’s racer. Our first blast around the new Hockenheim course allowed us to take in the wonderfully recreated visuals of the German track. The detail surrounding it is delivered true to almost every last blade of grass. The interiors are immaculate too, as the squeaky clean dashboard, gloves and steering wheel appear as though sitting in the car for real, albeit sat on the driver’s shoulders like a spider monkey.

On the next whirl, we pushed for a killer lap time, which meant that we really got to check out any real changes since Forza 3. We must say, it feels much tighter here than ever before. Whether late on the brakes into the corner or power-sliding out of a tricky tight turn, Forza 4 makes you feel like every outcome is a direct response of your actions.

We’ll reserve judgement on the rest of Forza 4 BECAUSE THERE’S NOTHING LEFT IN THIS BLOODY DEMO TO DISCUSS. But hopefully we’ll have much more soon.

August 17, 2011

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