FIFA Street hits shelves March 13 along with a Street Network

In case you haven’t heard, EA’s FIFA Street is from the streets, yo. And when it hits the online soccer scene on March 13, it’ll be packing its own “Street Network.” It’s just like your regular social network, but more “street.” With it, players can share videos of their best stunts and tricks, recruit friends to their squad, and challenge other player-run teams.

With twice as many skill moves as its conservative cousin FIFA Soccer 12, Street is about embarrassing the opponent, not just beating him. FIFA Street is more brash and showy than the button-down FIFA 12, despite being built on the same Impact engine. Street will take players to over 35 soccer-loving locations, including Rio de Janeiro, London and Amsterdam. Get the full rundown on new Street features here (opens in new tab).

EA Sports is already laying the groundwork for a strong FIFA Street community. The game will be part of EA’s Football Club (opens in new tab), and is already building a presence on Facebook (opens in new tab) and Twitter (opens in new tab), so get ready to hit the Street running when March 13 rolls around.

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