How to craft in Far Cry 5

After playing a couple of hours of Far Cry 5 (opens in new tab), you might not have even realised that there’s still a crafting system (of sorts) in place, though it’s nowhere near as extensive or important as previous titles. All you have to do to access it is go to your weapon wheel and tap the shoulder button to access your items, rather than your firearms. 

Instead of using animal hides to expand your inventory or herbs to make healing kits, you can only craft a few bomb types and homeopathics in Far Cry 5 using various resources that you pick up from Prepper Stashes and other lootable containers in the world. Here’s a list of everything you can craft in the game, and what each item requires to be made. 

  • Dynamite – 2 Fasteners, 2 Casings, 2 Nitros
  • Molotov – 1 Liquor, 1 Fastener
  • Remote Explosive – 2 Fasteners, 2 Nitros, 2 Blasting Caps
  • The Furious (increase melee damage) – 2 Bliss Oils, 2 Prairie Fire
  • The Fast (increase speed) – 2 Bliss Oils, 2 Jimson Weed
  • Ultimate Hunter (tags enemies) – 2 Prairie Fire, 2 Mustard, 2 Jimson Weed
  • Ultimate Survivor (less damage taken) – 2 Lupine, 4 Prickly Lettuce, 2 Bliss Oil
  • Oregano – 1 Oregano
  • Liquor – 1 Liquor

All the crafting is done from your weapon wheel, as you scroll to the item you want and hold a button in real time to create one on the go, but you can find all the relevant information in your inventory menu too. 

As those last two items on the list show, you can even craft consumable beer and marijuana using Liquor and Oregano if you want, though it’s unclear if there’s any point to crafting these inessential items other than to make your character start hobbling around with inebriated glee. Just don’t consume them while driving round Montana, yeah? 

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