Esports scholarships are now a thing, and this one can get you $5k if you’re damn good at Apex Legends

Remember all those evenings of your mum or dad or respective guardian telling you to get off the gaming console and do your homework? All that procrastinating in The Witcher 3 (opens in new tab) or Skyrim (opens in new tab) to put off having to write a methodology for coastal erosion for your geography lesson? Well, in their face, because now it turns out that now now gaming is actually going to help with your schoolwork. No, seriously, it really is thanks to Becker College’s $5K Apex Legends (opens in new tab) scholarship. I’m not making that up, promise. Teaming up with Esports groups Team Genji and Helix Esports (opens in new tab), the program invites successful applicants to the college to compete in Apex Legends to win some much-needed cash (because even if you have Lifeline’s wealthy parents, school is still expensive). 

Plus Becker College has its own Apex Legends team which launches in 2019, so succeeding at getting the scholarship could put some talented gamers on track to play in an official capacity. The college is clearly dedicated to the Esports industry as it has a Esports management degree too, as well as a dedicated Esports General Manager named Timothy Loew. He stated that Becker College (opens in new tab)’s “goal is to give top Apex Legends players a unique chance to combine their talents with an education”, meaning that the institution is merely following in the footsteps of many physical sports scholarships already offered by universities all over the United States. This could be the start of a beautiful Esports and education friendship…

Here are some hot Apex Legends tips (opens in new tab) to help you win that scholarship, or just watch the video below to find out all you need to know!

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