Elder Scrolls Online console launch broken, Zenimax working on a fix

In the grand tradition of all MMOs, the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (opens in new tab) on console isn’t going particularly well. With many a cry of ‘Elder Scrolls Offline’, the PS4 and Xbox One version, developed by Zenimax Online Studios is having multiple issues, from not loading at all to characters glitching out of view. You can see our full list of Elder Scrolls Online console issues and fixes (opens in new tab)here.

Reddit (opens in new tab) and the Elder Scrolls Online forums (opens in new tab) are filled with frustrated players who have been unable to login since launch at midnight last night and have been faced with a constant loading screen. Some have managed to skip between NA and EU servers to get access but this has only been working for some people. Zenimax has been responding to complaints and is working on a fix for both EU and NA servers.

Community co-ordinator Jason Leavey commented on the Elder Scrolls Online forum (opens in new tab) this morning. “Hey everyone. If you have been experiencing login errors, we ask that you please try to log into the console megaservers again. While we are continuing to work on resolving the issue, we have found that the issue has been fixed for some players at this point. We will continue to work on this until it’s resolved for all players, and we’ll provide an update when we can. Thank you again for your patience throughout the night.”

We’re working to fix an issue affecting #ESOTU console logins on NA and EU. Keep an eye on this thread for updates: http://t.co/1mply44M3AJune 9, 2015

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But login issues don’t appear to be the only problems. The above image shows a relatively common complaint reported on both ESO’s forums (opens in new tab) and Reddit (opens in new tab) where Lyris Titanborn disappears from view. No interactions can then take place and players are unable to progress. Hopefully fixes are coming for multiple issues. Someone at Zenimax isn’t going to be sleeping for a while.

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