EAs new patent could stop its servers from dropping out so often

EA has filed a patent which could lead to better online connections for games like FIFA and Battlefield.

Although the patent, which is called “Providing video game content to an online connected game (opens in new tab)” was first filed by EA back in 2020, it was only recently approved. In short, the patent actually focuses on machine learning, but would utilize this form of technology to analyze the connection of a player in real time.

EA’s servers would use this patent’s technology to study requests sent in by players to the server, and deduce how reliable the server itself was at carrying out the requests of the player. The machine learning tech would then acquire these results, and run them through a test to reveal the probability that the server would be able to carry out the requests of the player.

This all boils down to EA being able to run tests on servers while they’re still live, so FIFA and Battlefield servers could be monitored while they’re still being used by players around the world. The tests will feed back data to EA that will reveal which servers aren’t able to fulfil requests that players have submitted, thus being able to register which servers require maintenance before problems get out of hand.

Considering the longevity of EA’s FIFA series, and its commitment to improving Battlefield 2042, this is no doubt good news for online players throughout EA’s games. A new trademark from the company recently hinted that they could actually drop the FIFA name from the ongoing sports series in the future, as “EA Sports FC” was found referenced online. 

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