E3 2011: GamesRadar’s E3 photo diary

This year’s E3 was a big one. According to the ESA, over 46,000 industry professionals and fellow gamers flocked to Los Angeles to experience one of the largest gaming conventions in the world. This is where “The Big 3,” Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony make the most important announcements of the year. This is where publishers and development studios set up shop to showcase their latest titles for the public. And this is where fans get treated to hands-on demos, mountains of game swag, and overpriced food vendors.

E3 was an exciting place to be this year. But if you weren’t able to make it to the Los Angeles Convention Center to witness the madness firsthand, you can get a picture of what E3 2011 was like by browsing through GamesRadar’s photo diary below.

Above: Entrance to the West Hall was guarded by a caravan of tanks promotingWorld of Tanks (opens in new tab), a team-based, tank-on-tank MMO. Attendees received miniature tank models

Above: Moving past the tanks, we see some RAGE mutants crawling about above the front doors. Read our
hands-on impressionsand check out ourvideo interviewfor more

Above: When the convention center’s doors opened, the crowd rushed in

Above: Most journalists arrived at the convention center via taxi or the metro. Brett Elston shunned these inferior modes of transportation in favor of this sweet truck

Above: Hulk Hogan puts the hurt on TalkRadar’s Chris Antista

Above: We did. And the guy on the right certainly did. But from what we saw, it seemedthat most dudes were too busy to soap up their controllers before heading back to the show floor

Above: Peter Molyneux insists thatFable: The Journey is “NOT ON RAILS,”and asked all games journalists to sign his whiteboard declaration

Above: Future US had a strong presence on the show floor in the South Hall. It was a meeting place for editors from PC Gamer, OXM, PTOM, Nintendo Power, and GamesRadar to work on articles between appointments

Above: We also gave away a free car!

Above: We also gave away fun iPhone skins!

Above: There were podcasts aplenty

Above: TV star Zachary Levi (Chuck) also stopped by Future’s booth topodcast it upwith the TalkRadar crew

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