Dying Light story mode update will help everyone get up to speed for Dying Light 2

Dying Light is celebrating its fifth anniversary by introducing a number of new content updates and promotions. The open-world zombie RPG has steadily rolled out regular updates for half a decade since its launch in January of 2015, quietly making it one of the best supported games of the generation.

The latest content package includes a new Story Mode difficulty to help players both new or returning breeze through the campaign ahead of the launch of Dying Light 2 (opens in new tab). We don’t have a firm release date for the highly anticipated sequel since it was pushed back last month (opens in new tab), but that means you should have plenty of time to finish the original game, especially if you use the new easiest difficulty mode. Techland says it’s designed for “everyone to be able to enjoy Dying Light to the full, regardless of their skill level and experience with action games.”

The developer also says it has a month of in-game events planned between today and March 19, which will include Dying Light’s first ever free to play weekend on Steam starting tomorrow. “Fan-favorite” events will make comebacks in addition to “a few surprises,” says Techland. 

A new paid DLC pack is now available for all platforms too. The “5th Anniversary Bundle” includes two new melee weapons and a new shotgun. The pipe does +50% damage after three or more hits, while the shotty is also suped up with 50% faster reloading, as well as increased damage size and bullet speed stemming from being able to unload both barrels at once for massive effect. The DLC will cost you $2.99 on your platform of choice. 

We highlighted Dying Light 2 as one of our most anticipated games of the year. Here’s why (opens in new tab).

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