How to fast travel in Dying Light 2 and find Metro stations

To use Dying Light 2 fast travel, you’ll need to find Metro stations and Faction bases that you can jump between, although exactly how you do this isn’t clearly explained in-game. Some of these fast travel points are given to you in the Dying Light 2 story, some just have to be found, and others involve platforming puzzles to get the power back on. A few even have enemies to clear out or are full of Infected and can only be activated at night. 

Fast travel might not seem like the most important thing at the start when you’re sprinting over rooftops like the proverbial bat out of hell, but as your knowledge of the city and improves and the Dying Light 2 map size increases, you might want to skip a half-hour commute on rooftiles slick with zombie blood in favor of safe fast travel. That’s why we’ve explained how to fast travel in Dying Light 2, how to find all the Metro stations, and what the limitations of it are once you unlock it.

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How to fast travel in Dying Light 2

Dying light 2 fast travel

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Dying Light 2 fast travel options open up a little way into the campaign, roughly 8-12 hours in (Dying Light 2 length varies a lot depending on your engagement with side activity), when you complete the section of the story that takes place solely in Old Villedor. At this point, fast travel options will unlock automatically in both the Central Loop and Old Villedor sections, marked on your own map by icons with three white arrows, like a fast forward icon. Holding the cursor over those specific icons will give you the option to fast travel by holding down the X/Square button, whereupon you’ll instantly teleport there.

To expand your options, you’ll have to find and activate other fast travel locations as you explore. Using your binoculars to scan the horizon can save you time physically covering the entire map, and happens to be one of our Dying Light 2 tips. If you do find a metro station, make a detour to add it to your map. 

Where to find Dying Light 2 Metro Stations and fast travel points 

Dying Light 2 fast travel points are spread out all over the City, usually around one per map area. To find them we suggest heading up to any tall location and scouting with the binoculars – however, unlike windmills, Metro Stations tend to be very close to ground level, so bear that in mind when looking for them. 

As we mentioned before, there are different ways to unlock Metro stations. If you’re lucky, just wondering nearby one and discovering it will add it to your map. The rest will have you complete a platforming puzzle to activate several generators. On top of that some will be will taken over by Renegades, or be filled with Infected and require that you come back at night. However, you don’t actually have to fight enemies, you can just get past them and reach the electrical generator section. Knowing how to assign Factions in Dying Light 2 to electrical stations will also make Metro Stations easier to complete.

Dying Light 2 Metro Station and fast travel map

Dying light 2 fast travel map

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  1. Newell’s Crossing metro – activate electrical generators to use. 
  2. Waterside metro station – Infected, can only be entered at night, activate electrical generators to use. 
  3. Peacekeeper base – activated once you reach the Peacekeeper’s shipwreck base. 
  4. Kings Williams Bridge metro – Renegades, activate electrical generators to use. 
  5. VNC Tower metro – Renegades, activate electrical generators to use. 
  6. Downtown court – Find to activate.
  7. Hayward Square metro – Infected, can only be entered at night, activate electrical generators to use. 
  8. Holy Trinity metro – Find to activate.
  9. Main Terminal Station – Peacekeeper base unlocked in the story
  10. Cathedral metro – Infected, can only be entered at night, activate electrical generators to use. 
  11. South Loop Metro – Infected, can only be entered at night, activate electrical generators to use. 

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