Dodgeball sequel in the pipeline

With production finally up and running on Anchorman 2 , Dodgeball looks set to follow suit, with Ben Stiller’s production company beginning work on a sequel to the knockabout sports comedy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab) , Stiller has hired screenwriter Clay Tarver to begin work on a script for the sequel, with Vince Vaughn also thought to be in line to return to the fold.

Details are understandably scarce regarding the plot, but the story will apparently see Stiller and Vaughn’s characters White Goodman and Peter LaFleur putting their differences aside in order to combat a common enemy.

With the first film raking in $167m worldwide having been made for just $20m, a sequel had always seemed likely, even if audiences weren’t clamouring for it to the same degree as, say, Anchorman 2 .

We’ll be hoping that Stiller can round up the likes of Jason Bateman, Justin Long and the rest of the first film’s supporting players in order to make this one truly worthwhile. And if Chuck Norris can be convinced to return, then you can definitely count us in…

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