Doctor Who The Doctors Wife Another Cryptic Preview

Russell’s been getting the review ready for Saturday and is so bubbling over with enthusiasm for the episode he couldn’t help but come up with some more snippets to get you excited as well

Someone’s knocking at the door…

The Doctor’s kissing AGAIN

There are lots of special boxes in a cupboard

The processed food agenda is back

We possibly hear something first heard in “Logopolis”

There’s more of Matt Smith in this one than in the first three episodes, and he’s great

Suranne Jones is fantastic too, like an ever nuttier Helena Bonham Carter

Telephones are used at an important point

You might be reminded of “The Invasion Of Time”

There’s some hardcore corridor action

He’s done it AGAIN! Sort of

It’s better than last week’s story

There’s a flashback to a happy day

Something puzzling in the pre-season trailer is explained

You’ll think of “The Doctor’s Daughter”

The episode has a kind of “Utopia” vibe

There are tears

Who’s a pretty boy then?

The Doctor sports some fetching eyewear

Someone asks a question of the Doctor that’s never been asked before

The name of a character is clever and significant

Why in and not out?

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