Diabolical Pitch: Grasshopper pitches Dragon Ball Z-style baseball for Kinect

Here’s a preview trailer for Diabolical Pitch, Grasshopper Manufacture’s upcoming Kinect-enabled Xbox Live title. The game is a veritable checklist of things that Japan and America have in common: despite a checkered mutual history and vastly different cultures, you won’t find two nations more devoted to the game of baseball. Or the pastime of videogames, particularly ones in which demons and humans meet in bloody combat. How has it taken so long to combine these things?

Diabolical Pitch is Grasshopper’s first foray into Kinect, and is scheduled to release on XBLA before the end of the year. Between this and Rise of Nightmares, the platform’s starting to make good on promises of extending beyond the casual audience – do titles like this pique your interest?

Sep 22, 2011

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