How to check and raise your Diablo Immortal combat rating

The Diablo Immortal combat rating can be checked in the inventory menu. Once you’re there, head to the Attributes section in the bottom left, marked by a little icon shaped like a person’s silhouette. Click on that, the tap the little button that says “more attributes”, which’ll give you a bunch of new stats to read. At the top of those will be your combat rating!

Of course, if you’re not happy the fact that your combat rating rating is too low, there’s plenty you can do about that. Gems, gear, raids and the Helliquary can all be used to raise your Diablo Immortal combat rating and make you eligible for higher level raids (as well as just getting more powerful overall). We’ll go into more detail just below on how to improve it.

Diablo Immortal combat rating check raise

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Here are the best Diablo Immortal classes

Diablo immortal classes

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If you want to make the best demon slayer possible, check out the best Diablo Immortal classes for an idea on what to pick when you play.

Interestingly, your character’s level in Diablo Immortal seems to have no immediate bearing on your combat rating. We experimentally levelled up multiple times without changing any other details about our character, and their combat rating didn’t change. So either it doesn’t affect it, or if it does, it’s so slow and minimal as to be basically irrelevant. Of course, levelling up does allow you to conquer bigger foes and get better loot, which does improve your combat rating, so the link between the two is more indirect.

There are also certain raids and missions that come with a minimum combat rating requirement, so players will need to power up before they can participate. This is the big reason to improve your combat rating – it’ll open up more of the late-game experience for players.

How to raise and improve your combat rating

Diablo Immortal combat rating check raise

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To increase your combat rating, players have to engage with all the stats and mechanics mentioned above. Here are the precise ways you can improve your Diablo Immortal combat rating for each factor:

  • Gear rarity: As a rule, rarer gear offers better stats and powers, which translates to a better combat rating. Put on legendary gear if you have it.
  • Gear rank (aka score): The “score” tied to each piece of gear is effectively its level, and directly translates into a higher combat rating. Wearing the armor and weapons with the biggest score will improve your rank accordingly.
  • Equipped Gems: Any Gem you socket into compatible armor via a jeweller NPC will improve your combat rating directly. Wear as many Gems as you can to bling your way to power.
  • The state of the Helliquary: The Helliquary is a mission hub unlocked some way through the campaign, completing quests from which will grant perks that boost your attributes, your combat rating and earn you better gear. 

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