Diablo III: Xbox 360/PS3 versions “can really make sense,” says Blizzard

Blizzard still hasn’t made any official announcement regarding the potential console release of Diablo III, but the company’s “continuing to explore” the option, promises Blizzard COO Paul Sams. Should the company break a longtime computer-only streak with the title, “it will ultimately be the type of game that can really make sense and be really fun, well polished and a true Blizzard-level experience on a console,” Sams told CVG (opens in new tab).

Blizzard hasn’t had a console release since 1997’s The Lost Vikings 2 (which, for the record, is a pretty high note on which to leave the field). The first Diablo saw a PS1 port courtesy of Climax Group and publisher EA, but the series has been mouse-and-keys-only since then. Sams says this isn’t due to any aversion on Blizzard’s part: “We just want to make a great game. If the best experience involves a mouse and a keyboard, we’ll put it on PC. If it plays better with a controller, that’s the route we’d take. If it works on both… we’d make it for both.”

“We think that we can have a really exciting and compelling experience that will play well on console in addition to PC,” says Sams. With the Diablo III release date confirmed for May (opens in new tab), the company’s preoccupied mainly with the game’s initial debut – but don’t be surprised to hear more about potential ports soon.

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