Dark Souls PC port incoming? Vague chain of allusions points to maybe!

Namco Bandai’s teasing a new announcement (opens in new tab) on the Facebook page for its cult smash, Dark Souls. Yes, within the game’s world, the company hates you and lives only to hear the anguished wails of your death throes; but this is Social Media, so you ain’t hearing squat until you pony up the Likes. In the meantime, the game’s page continues to fill with pleas for a PC port of the beloved die-’em-up.

Above: Sure, plenty of you are far too tough to ever see this text – but if this is how the game’s being marketed, excuse us for playing along

Thank goodness, then, that Australian print mag PC Powerplay (via NeoGAF (opens in new tab)) is on hand to provide a slightly less oblique hint in the form of this teaser page for the next issue, presenting Dark Souls’ most-viewed line of text in its authentic font and coloring. This would seem like a pretty sure sign… but in the world of Dark Souls, nothing is certain except your inevitable doom. While you wait for concrete news, then, perhaps try crossing all your fingers while playing your favorite existing PC dark-fantasy title: such ridiculous tests of arbitrary mastery may soon be par for the course.

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