This guy built some real-life Dark Souls armor from stuff in his house

The Elite Knight armor set is one of the most iconic outfits in Dark Souls 2 (opens in new tab), and it turns out all you need to make your own is some scrap metal, a hammer, some tools, and a stupendous degree of talent. It took Japanese creator nanonanonanonano eight months of work, but the end result is truly remarkable.

Watching a metal bowl get hammered, cut, and soldered into the distinct shape of the Elite Knight Helm is thrilling/mildly humorous in super fast motion. That said, my favorite part is actually at about 5 minutes in, where he’s working on all the tiny pieces that go into the Elite Knight Glove’s individually articulated fingers. Easy to forget that somebody had to hammer out all those little plates when you can just buy the whole kit for a a couple thousand souls!

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