Community cast and creator on the possibility of a movie: “I don’t know if our story is done”

It’s been half-a-decade since Community left our screens, but that hasn’t stopped the hashtag #SixSeasonsAndAMovie from continually doing the rounds. While the tag may have initially been a nod to the Abed’s in-universe hopes for the fictional TV show The Cape, it was quickly highjacked by fans who hope it hints at a possible roadmap for the former NBC comedy’s future prospects.

Despite being on the brink of seemingly being cancelled every year, Community (somehow) ran for six seasons and offered some closure to the story of the Greendale gang. But what about that movie? Talking to The Independent (opens in new tab) for an oral history of the show, Community creator Dan Harmon makes it sound more likely than ever, even confirming that “ideas have been kicked around.”

However, he anticipates that bringing back Donald Glover, who played the jock-turned-jester Troy for five seasons, would be the biggest stumbling block, saying, “it’s going to be most difficult to get Donald to leap back.”

Harmon, though, sounds generally optimistic about the chances of bringing Community to the big screen. “I think pretty much everybody else is good to go,” the Rick and Morty co-creator said. “Although we do have some concepts of how we would frame a return to that world, I thankfully believe the cast is willing to do it for the sake of doing it.”

The cast share that feeling. “I don’t know if our story’s done,” Abed actor Danny Pudi teased, while Alison Brie (Annie) remained hopeful: “If Dan is coming up with the material I feel like there’s no shortage of places they can go,” she said.

So, get your hashtags at the ready. One day soon, we might just get #SixSeasonsAndAMovie. Let’s just hope T-Bone is back for the ride.

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