Chronicle sequel on the way


Chronicle performed well at the box office and was met with critical acclaim across the board, so it should come as no surprise to learn that Fox are anxious to press ahead with a sequel as soon as possible.

That process is already up and running, with Deadline reporting that original screenwriter Max Landis has already signed on to draft a follow-up script to the super-powered saga.

Released back in February, Chronicle told the story of a trio of teens who suddenly find themselves sporting a host of super-powers. Naturally, it isn’t long before their abilities lead them seriously astray, with one member of the group developing one hell of a God complex…

The film’s worldwide gross has already topped $100 million, which is why the creative team are such hot property at the moment. Indeed, it was only yesterday that director Josh Trank was reported to be in talks to take on Sony’s Spider-Man spin-off, Venom .

Just how the sequel will follow on from the events of Chronicle remains to be seen, but the retention of Landis is a good sign that the film will maintain the same sharp dialogue and tight plotting of the original. Another super-franchise in the making? You’d better believe it.

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