Charlize Theron says Mad Max sequel begins in June

Mad Max: Fury Road has been lingering in development hell for quite some time now, but according to star Charlize Theron, filming is set to begin on the project as soon as 2 June.

Pre-production on the film began way back in 2009, when Theron and Tom Hardy were signed to pick up the reins from the departing Mel Gibson. A location had been found in Australia, and filming was set to begin in 2010.

However, torrential rains meant the area was no longer suitable for Mad Max ‘s sun-blasted locales, and director George Miller was forced to announce that the film would be pushed back until 2012.

Since then, things have gone pretty quiet, save for the transport of some of the film’s souped-up vehicles to a new location in Namibia. Now, however, it seems that things are fully up and running, with Theron confirming cameras are set to roll in just a couple of weeks time.

The positive side of the massive delay is that it freed Theron up to star in Prometheus and Snow White And The Huntsman , roles she would previously have had to turn down. So if filming does indeed go forward as planned, it might all have worked out for the best…

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