Cannes 2011: Colin Firth and Emily Blunt team up

Oscar-winner Colin Firth is set to team up with Emily Blunt for an as-yet untitled comedy.

The film will tell the story of ‘the story of two damaged souls fleeing their pasts who meet and break into empty homes to assume the identities of the absent owners.

Over the course of their misadventures the pair fall in love.’

Just the two decades separating 51-year old Firth and the 29-year old Blunt, but the premise is intriguing at least, and both performers have a history of lifting films above expectation.

On board to steer the ship is commercials director Dante Ariola, who has made a name for himself with ads for Coca-Cola, Adidas, Nike and more.

Focus Features ( The Kids Are All Right, Atonement, Brokeback Mountain ) are shopping the film to distributers during Cannes, and filming is set to commence in the autumn.

Check out Dante Ariola’s Jim Beam commerical, starring Willem Dafoe, below;

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