Bruce Campbell to star in Evil Dead TV series?

One of the more leftfield announcements at this year’s Comic-Con came from Sam Raimi, who announced that an Evil Dead TV show is something he is currently working on.

The director revealed that he is currently writing the new show with his brother Ted, and original star Bruce Campbell, with the latter now suggesting that he will be making a return in front of the camera.

Campbell broke the news in reply to a fan on Twitter, who asserted that the show would only be worth watching with Bruce in the leading role. “That’s the plan,” was the star’s response.

Neither Raimi nor Campbell have gone much further detail-wise, so we don’t know where the series will fit in with the timeline of the original trilogy, or whether it will relate in any way to the recent franchise reboot.

What we do know, however, is that a Campbell-starring Evil Dead series is good news indeed. Fire up the chainsaw, re-spray the Oldsmobile and saw off that shotgun… Ash is back.

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