Below is an indie Xbox One exclusive

At Microsoft’s E3 Xbox One press conference, indies were, in fact, given a brief moment in the spotlight. Capybara Games, who crafted Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP and Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, showed a trailer for Below, an artistic roguelike that takes Zelda-style gameplay and zooms it WAY the hell out. With stark visuals and a score composed by Jim Guthrie, it looks like it’s got all the DNA of a memorable indie title.

The gameplay we saw featured an overhead view of a mysteriously empty island, and the tiny explorer who traversed across it. Our hero discovered an ancient temple–and as we all know, the only way to go is down. It was, quite frankly, tricky to see what exactly was going on, given that your protagonist takes up about 1/100th of the screen. But if anyone can pull off this kind of engrossing minimalism, it’s Capybara (see: Superbrothers’ visual style). The trailer posed a question: “What lies below?” We hope to find out when the game releases on Xbox One. For now, check out the trailer for Below below:

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