Battleship gets a full-length trailer

Battleship , Universal’s big blockbuster hope for 2012, has unveiled a full-length trailer.

Unlike the first one, which took its time establishing the the slightly contrived backstory – Taylor Kitsch is boffing the daughter of his commanding officer Liam Neeson – this one goes all-out with the action.

In shifting the focus, it also offers a reminder of the boardgame that it’s based on, not least with the opening shot of the alien vessels lurking in formation in the depths of the ocean.

There’s a fairly strong Transformers vibe permeating this trailer, but the set pieces do look suitably epic (and numerous).

We also get a glimpse of the aliens themselves, or at least their mecha-suits, and Rihanna gets a few lines of dialogue this time around. Best of all is the moment when Alexander Skarsgård’s face goes all wibbly-wobbly from the shockwave of an explosion.

Check it out for yourself below:

Battleship opens on 20 April 2012.

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