Are You Ready To Re-Enter The Twilight Zone?

There are tentative plans for a new series, with Rod Serling’s involvement. Hang on, isn’t he… erm…?

The Blu-ray version of season one on the original Twilight Zone is released on 2 May, and the man who has overseen the show’s transfer to the new format, Marc Zicree (also the author of The Twilight Zone Companion ), has been interviewed on The Twilight Zone Official UK DVD and BD Blog , which you can download here (opens in new tab) . And in the interview he reveals a number of intriguing bits of news:

• He’s developing a Twilight Zone follow-up with Carol Serling called Rod Serling’s After Twiligh t – a proposed new anthology TV show in the mould of The Twilight Zone using original ideas by Rod Serling and actual narration from Rod Serling taken from two hundred recently-discovered audio dictations.

• He also writing a new plush coffee table book with Guillermo Del-Toro featuring illustrations from Del-Toro’s notebooks with ongoing commentary from Del-Toro and Zicree throughout.

• Finally, he’s working on a new science fiction epic that he wants to writte and direct, called Fugitive Space , featuring input from celebrated designers such as William Stout ( Pan’s Labyrinth ), Ian McCaig ( Star Wars: Phantom Menace ), Ron Cobb ( Star Wars , Alien ).

You can preorder The Twilight Zone on Blu-ray and DVD here (opens in new tab) .

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