SPONSORED: Get rid of unwanted DVDs and Blu-rays at Blockbuster Marketplace

Like action? Aliens? Great big mushroom-cloud explosions? Then get yourself over to Blockbuster today, where you can rent Battleship before it’s released anywhere else.

And while you’re there, you can trade in any old or unwanted DVDs, Blu-rays and games for cold hard cash, or Blockbuster account credit, with the Trade In service at Blockbuster.

And if you’re a Blockbuster member, you can get extra credit on all trades this summer.

It couldn’t be any easier. You don’t have to be a Blockbuster member to trade (though as a member you’ll earn those juicy extra credits) and there’s no minimum number of items you’re allowed to sell.

You’ll receive your cash or credit instantly, and you have the choice of purchasing top nick pre-owned games and movies to fill those holes in your collection.

Meanwhile, Total Film users can earn even more extra credit at Blockbuster this summer, with an additional £1 added onto the trade-in price of Blu-rays, and 50p on DVDs.

Which means you no longer have to feel ashamed at having Showgirls or Legally Blonde 2 cluttering up your shelves. Simply trade them in and make room for shiny new buys – like the glorious Lord Of The Rings Blu-ray boxset, for example.

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