The 25 most badass movie gods

Praise be to Zod!

Geez, this list is a wee bit tough to write. For one thing, not everyone who reads it will actually believe it exists. Sure, the theist crowd will get a kick out of skimming through, but what about those ‘article Atheists’, or the ‘list-based Agonistics’? Will the Wiccans make it all the way to the end? How about the Buddhist crowd? Pah, to hell with it; let’s just agree that the idea of all-powerful beings is a pretty interesting one, and that the cinema certainly has its fair share.

This list looks at some of the most entertaining deities in the history of the medium. From the all wise to the all powerful, and the utterly serene to super-smitey, these are the 25 best Gods on screen.

25. God – Oh, God! (1977)

The Movie God: Arrives on Earth in the body of George Burns with hopes of enlisting a modern day Moses to spread his word. Tends to dress like a retired fisherman and behave like a grouch.

Most Bad-Ass Moment: Totally destroying Jerrys clutch by bringing down a torrent of rain inside his car.

24. God – Citizen Toxie: Toxic Avenger IV (2001)

The Movie God: Played by Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf (known for his recurring stint on The Howard Stern Show), Tromas version of Jesuss Dad is an irreverent slob.

Most Bad-Ass Moment: His confession that hes only allowed sixteen people entry into Heaven.

23. Hercules – Hercules (1983)

The Movie God: A half-mortal, half-God Grecian hero, an updated Hercules appears in this rebooted eighties version of this classic myth.

Most Bad-Ass Moment: Fighting a horde of stop-motion animation robots brought to life by his half-brother Minos, who in this iteration is an ethically-shoddy scientist.

22. God – God Is On Their Side (2002)

The Movie God: Summoned by the American Army to bring good luck to their war efforts, God (David Johansen) wasnt quite what they anticipated. A boozing, cigar-chomping misogynist, his most inspired attribute is his plug-in neon halo.

Most Bad-Ass Moment: His rendition of Hes Got The Whole World (In His Hands) while getting soused at a jazz club.

21. God – Dogma (1999)

The Movie God: A whimsical hippie deity, God (Alanis Morissette)s zen-like demeanour is complemented by a long, flowing dress and flowers woven into her hair that no doubt whiff of patchouli.

Most Bad-Ass Moment: Destroying the fallen angel Bartleby (Ben Affleck) with a single scream, causing his head to explode.

20. God – Two Of a Kind (1983)

The Movie God: An antagonistic God (voiced by Gene Hackman) who only appears to the angels as a hazy yellow light, he has a short fuse and is terrible at delegating his godly duties.

Most Bad-Ass Moment: Setting into motion events that will wipe out the entire planet.

19. Medusa – Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief (2010)

The Movie God: Medusa (Uma Thurman) is the daughter of sea Gods Keto and Phorcys, who were probably rather embarrassed when their offspring was turned into a cursed gorgon. Shes easily spotted in a crowd by her head of roving snakes.

Most Bad-Ass Moment: Turning an abandoned garden centre into a cemetery for all of her stony victims–which come in handy when clobbering teenage demigods.

18. Theseus – Immortals (2011)

The Movie God: A demigod, Theseus (Henry Cavill) is the son of Poseidon who seeks revenge on Hyperion for destroying his village, enslaving him and murdering his mother.

Most Bad-Ass Moment: Armed with the Epirus Bow, Theseus battles the Minotaur sent by Hyperion, taking several blows before chopping off his head.

17. Supreme Being – Time Bandits (1981)

The Movie God: A bureaucratic stickler for rules, Supreme Being (Ralph Richardson) swans about in a grey suit, lone waifs of his white hair clinging to his bald head while attempting to keep a grasp on his own staggering incompetency.

Most Bad-Ass Moment: Cutting corners during the creation of the world led to a series of time warp loopholes popping up. Sort of accidental badassery, this.

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