15 most prolific female screenwriters

The stats on the number of women working in the film industry are always depressing. Female directors, in particular, are thin on the ground but since the 90s, the number of female screenwriters and directors has, somehow, gone down. So thats bad news.

Whats the good news? Well, at least the women on this list are kicking ass. Here are fifteen of the most prolific female screenwriters working today

Lucinda Coxon

The writer: Lucinda Coxon is more of a playwright than a screenwriter, with more than 11 produced plays under her belt. But shes written for the screen on and off since 1997, and shes got a couple of particularly exciting projects coming up: Guillermo del Toro brought her on board to work up the script of Crimson Peak, and she also adapted David Ebershoffs novel The Danish Girl for the big screen.

Biggest hit to date: Wild Target

Look out for: The Danish Girl.

Irene Mecchi

The writer: Irene Mecchis filmography is made up almost entirely of animated films: she started out at Disney by writing a short about an environmentally conscious dinosaur called Recycle Rex in 1992, and has since racked up writing credits on The Lion King, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Hercules, Brave and more.

Biggest hit to date: The Lion King

Look out for: Strange Magic.

Diablo Cody

The writer: The controversial stripper-turned-blogger-turned-screenwriter might only have five movie credits to her name right now, but since those all date from 2007 and afterwards, and she also wrote 27 episodes of a TV show along the way, it seems like Diablo Cody belongs here.

Biggest hit to date: Juno

Look out for: Ricki And The Flash.

Leslye Headland

The writer: Another one with only a few credits (but ones shes racked up fast), Leslye Headland started her career as a staff writer on Terriers then moved onto movies: she wrote and directed Bachelorette, and squeezed in two more movies before this years Sleeping With Other People, which she also directed. Phew.

Biggest hit to date: Bachelorette

Look out for: Sleeping With Other People.

Aline Brosh McKenna

The writer: Harvard grad Aline Brosh McKenna nabbed herself an agent off the back of a six-week screenwriting course, and never looked back. Her movies tend to be women-centric comedies, including 27 Dresses and Morning Glory.

Biggest hit to date: The Devil Wears Prada.

Look out for: Shes attached to a live action take on the backstory of 101 Dalmatians villain Cruella de Vil, though details are currently sketchy.

Katie Dippold

The writer: Another up-and-comer, Katie Dippold currently only has one produced film on her CV but she also has 54 episodes of MADtv and seven episodes of Parks and Recreation to her name. And since her first movie only came out in 2013 and shes already getting stuck into two more, wed say shes a name worth knowing.

Biggest hit to date: The Heat

Look out for: Ghostbusters.

Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah

The writers: Writing partners Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah started a script together the first night they met, and though that one mightve been a dud, theyve been responsible for tons of comedies ever since 10 Things I Hate About You was their first produced script, but theyre also behind Legally Blonde, Shes The Man and The House Bunny.

Biggest hit to date: Legally Blonde

Look out for: Theyre writing Expendabelles, the all-female take on The Expendables franchise.

Linda Woolverton

The writer: Linda Woolvertons notched up a lot of firsts in her career. After starting out writing for childrens TV shows in the 80s, she became the first woman ever to write an animated film for Disney when she penned Beauty And The Beast which was, itself, the first animated movie to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. More recently, with Alice In Wonderland she became the first woman to write a billion dollar movie alone.

Biggest hit to date: Alice In Wonderland

Look out for: Alice In Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass.

Leslie Dixon

The writer: Leslie Dixon earned a name for herself writing comedies, from Outrageous Fortune to Look Whos Talking Now and Mrs Doubtfire. But after writing so many comedy movies in a row, she worried that shed run out of humour and moved into thrillers, starting with The Thomas Crown Affair. Shes vacillated between the two genres ever since.

Biggest hit to date: Mrs Doubtfire

Look out for: She’s attached to a TV series based on her script for Limitless.

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