What will next-gen consoles mean for us?

The subject of next-generation gaming has become so talked about at this point, even my grandparents know that 2020 is bringing us the next iteration of Playstation and Xbox consoles – which is shocking, as they’re Nintendo Wii purists. With both the PS5 (opens in new tab) and Xbox Series X (opens in new tab) set for ‘Holiday 2020’ release dates, Sony and Microsoft have been flaunting specs and flirting with console exclusive titles. However, so much of the information that has been released is shrouded in jargon. Is 8K just twice as many ‘k’ as we have now? What does it actually mean for the future of gaming? If you don’t know your AMD from your CPU, it’s hard to tell how these new consoles compare to their predecessors, let alone each other. 

If you’re someone that, like me, owns both a PS4 and Xbox One, choosing which console to invest in when the ‘Holiday 2020’ season rolls around is getting more and more difficult. With Microsoft closing the console exclusive divide by purchasing studios such as Ninja Theory and Compulsion Games, it’s getting increasingly more important than ever that we, as consumers, understand technologies like ray tracing (opens in new tab) and haptic feedback (opens in new tab), processor speeds and frame rates.

In an attempt to simplify all of the next-gen information we’re being drip-fed, I sat down with Leon Hurley, the Guides Coordinator for GamesRadar and resident next-gen enthusiast, to have a chat about the next generation of consoles, what they’re set to offer and how that will impact us. 

For more on why you should be excited about next-gen consoles, check out this little lot:

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