Watch Dogs Legion of the Dead brings zombies to London

Watch Dogs Legion of the Dead is a new zombie-slaying co-op game mode that launches today.

In the new gameplay demo that you can see below, the Legion of the Dead mode for Watch Dogs Legion is demoed in full across 20 minutes. Right now, Legion of the Dead is still in the alpha testing phase, and is therefore only available for PC players of Watch Dogs Legion to partake in, while the PvE mode is still going through the development stages at Ubisoft.

In Legion of the Dead, you can tackle the encroaching undead threat either solo or with up to three other online players. Your mission is relatively simple: find and secure a certain number of Supply Packages, and then reach the extraction point somewhere in London to flee the undead forces.

What’s really interesting about the Legion of the Dead footage seen above is that all vehicles appear to be disabled for the player characters. You can’t simply jump into a car and power through hordes of the undead, and since you’ve got pretty scant ammo reserves and health, you need to be pretty careful when roaming the open streets of London.

The best news about it is that console players on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Google Stadia will be able to start slaying the undead hordes as part of Title Update 4.5 from today.

That brand new update was revealed as part of the Watch Dogs Legion roadmap and should be hitting later today on June 1. The update is going to enable 60 frames per second gameplay for players on all next-gen consoles, and will also allow players within the same console family to play with others across console generations. For example, PS4 players will be able to link up with PS5 players for Legion’s online modes, and the same goes for Xbox players across all three systems.

Additionally, a brand new Tactical Op PvE activity for online co-op will be debuting with the new patch later today on all platforms. New playable character Helen will be joining the fray for players to utilize alongside the new updates, and later in July, original Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce and Watch Dogs 2 sidekick Wrench will be available for recruitment via new story expansions. Ubisoft sure has plenty of content planned for Legion over the coming few weeks.

If you’re hopping back into Ubisoft’s hacking sequel, head over to our Watch Dogs Legion best Tech Upgrades guide for more.

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