The latest Borderlands 3 trailer is a delightfully deadly dance routine

Between Rage 2 and Borderlands 3 (opens in new tab), this has been a good year for the trailers of batshit-crazy open-world shooters. Borderlands 3’s latest offering, appropriately titled So Happy Together and set to the titular song by The Turtles, is yet another goodun. We’ve already seen some gameplay of Borderlands 3, met the villains and Vault Hunters, explored the world a bit – why not have a trailer which is just a straight-up dance routine complete with roses and synchronized Psychos? You know what? I’m down. 

I’m reminded of a quote from Destiny 2’s Crucible master, Shaxx (because of course I am): “There’s poetry in destruction. Go write me some poetry.” By that definition, this trailer is most definitely poetry in motion. Zane trying to impress Amara by swinging a revolver around like it’s a baton. A river of golden guns flanked by Psychos presumably warming up for a YMCA routine. FL4K waltzing with Moze as lasers tear through the air behind them. Zane dancing with… himself. And let’s not forget the gun that fires tiny bullet-riding Psychos. It’s absurd, and I’m here for it. 

If there was ever any doubt that this is a game drunk on itself, I reckon this trailer’s pretty much locked it in. As we wrote in our Borderlands 3 preview (opens in new tab), the sequel’s made some welcome quality of life changes and layered in some fresh characters and environments, but it’s undeniably more Borderlands at heart. And I continue to be just fine with that, because Borderlands gives us dudes to shoot, loot to loot, and trailers like this. 

Catch up on older trailers and all their secrets with our Borderlands 3 trailer breakdown (opens in new tab). 

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