The Call of Duty: Warzone app is teasing a big event for tomorrow, May 21

The official Call of Duty: Warzone (opens in new tab) companion app sent out a cryptic message to users on May 20 that’s hinting at a big event dropping tomorrow, May 21. 

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The app, which is technically a Call of Duty companion app (opens in new tab) that spans all the titles in the series, sent out the notification to its users around 3pm EST on Wednesday, May 20. The message is directed to Armistice Senior Operators, the characters you play as in Warzone. The Tactical Alert says an interpreted message from a command outside of Verdansk requests an IP call (a call made over the internet instead of standard circuit-switched telephony) with a priority target, suspected to be “TARGET DENVER.” 

Reddit posts are swirling with rumors, but the most plausible will require some explanation: the Call of Duty: Warzone bunkers (opens in new tab) may be involved. As we previously reported (opens in new tab), there’s a nuke in the 11th bunker on Verdansk, and players are frantically trying to figure out the puzzle surrounding it – ultimately to see if it can be set off. If it can be done, that nuke reportedly could be used to wipe the map for a big reveal event.

As GamesRadar previously reported (opens in new tab), reputable sources like VGC (opens in new tab) are saying the Warzone map and its newly opened bunkers are part of a marketing campaign to reveal the next major Call of Duty title. The new entry, which is reportedly titled Black Ops: Cold War (opens in new tab), could be officially revealed tomorrow, May 21, with an environmental change not unlike Fortnite’s meta-narrative map overhauls. 

Infinity Ward’s narrative director Taylor Kurosaki has confirmed the existence of a macro story in Warzone (opens in new tab), but in the same vein dismissed comparisons to Fortnite. But considering there are plans to release Warzone on next-gen consoles as the “one constant” for all upcoming games in the franchise (opens in new tab), all signs point to an in-game reveal of a new title or event coming tomorrow, May 21. 

That’s enough speculation for the day. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out the truth…

There are several Black Ops titles among the best Call of Duty games (opens in new tab), so a new one is very much welcome.

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