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BLASTERMIND Sci-Fi And Fantasy Westerns Quiz

Below, you’ll find 15 shots from a variety of films and TV shows, all with a wild, wild theme, and, as ever, it’s your job to work out which ones they’re from. (Hint: the TV shows might not be sci-fi westerns all the time…) So, pardner, do you dare take …

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BLASTERMIND Prequel Opportunties

And with one of the most eagerly-awaited movie prequels of all time hitting the cinemas this weekend – Prometheus – what better time to have a Blastermind devoted to films and shows that came after but were set before (if you get our drift – it’s a genre that feels …

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BLASTERMIND Who Lives In A House Like This?

Can you identify the famous sci-fi and fantasy houses in this week’s quiz? And we’re not actually asking you “who” lives in them, because that could become a little complicated when it comes to the answers in some cases – though feel free to award yourself bonus no-points for naming …

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