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Salt and Sacrifice Pale Candle location

The Salt and Sacrifice Pale Candle is a very useful item for those who want to engage with multiplayer PvE. It’s a simple, multiple-use item that allows players to join other players – or inquisitors – and help them with their own struggles and challenges. Fun! Assuming you don’t get …

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How to farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice

Knowing how to farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice is essential for players who want to get special crafting materials over and over. But if you’ve slain them once and find yourself wanting to kill them again, it’s perfectly possible – you just need to find out how to get …

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Sonic Origins has been been rated internationally

We could be inching closer than ever to a Sonic Origins announcement, if a newly-unearthed international rating is to be believed. The Game Rating and Administration Committee of South Korea (opens in new tab) (H/T VGC (opens in new tab)) has given the PC version of Sonic Origins an All …

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