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Every game delay announced so far in 2022

Throughout the year so far, more video game delays have been confirmed. There are many reasons why a game may be delayed, but the impact over the last few years as a result of the global pandemic, we’ve been been seeing more games understandably pushed back. Some of the biggest …

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10 Best Battlefield Games of All-Time

The best Battlefield games offer something different. Where so many of the best FPS games are all about twitchy action, Battlefield is at its best when movement is steady and considered. While a lot of the best shooters are now set across shrinking maps, the best Battlefield games are all …

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10 games like Fortnite you can play and enjoy now

Games Like Fortnite have been everywhere since the battle royale became the biggest thing since sliced bread. A free game that mixes shooter action, crafting, careful survival, social experiences and the general tone of a Funko Pop warehouse, there’s a lot of elements to Fortnite, and if you’ve only been …

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