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Dead Space 3 blueprint locations guide

Crafting weapons in Dead Space 3 can be fun, especially when the game gives you the blueprints to make some prebuilt kick-ass guns. We have put this guide together to show you where you can find each of the 12 blueprints hidden throughout the game and help you get the …

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Dead Space 3 review

Dead Space built its reputation on tension. In previous entries, it came in the forms of fear and anticipation. But in Dead Space 3, tension comes in a different flavor. Here, it’s created by the stress of fighting wave after wave of Necromorphs, sometimes in groups so large that you …

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GAME and EA organise lock-ins for Dead Space 3

Electronic Arts and specialist UK retailer GAME are offering eager gamers the chance to play Dead Space 3 (opens in new tab) before anyone else with a series of ‘lock-ins’ at GAME stores across the country. Of course, you’ll really be able to leave whenever you want to, but the …

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