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How to Beat Anarky in Batman: Arkham Origins

Once you exit the Final Offer, you will encounter the messages from Anarky. He will tell you that there are three bombs around Gotham and that you need to find them. To reach Anarky, you will need to go to the three bomb sites and defeat the gang of enemies …

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11 Batman comics to read before Arkham Origins

I am vengeance I am the night Its almost Bat-time for Batman: Arkham Origins to Bat-arrive on our Bat-consoles, and some of you out there might be thinking, This Batman guy seems pretty awesome. But when can I see him when he isnt appearing in games, feature films, or animated …

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PS3 exclusive Batman Arkham Origins content trailer

Warner has released a trailer and fresh details about a range of PS3 exclusive Batman: Arkham Origins content, which it says will provide “hours of additional gameplay”. The Knightfall Pack features Knightfall and classic TV series Batman skins, plus five exclusive challenge maps, three Combat ones to fight through and …

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