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Black Ops 2 multiplayer reveal trailer arrives

The multiplayer reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 introduces a ton of new gadgets and toys to play with during the endless hours of deathmatch. Practically every moment of this trailer is packed with awesome footage of stuff we desperately want to get our hands on. The …

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Black Ops 2 release date outed by preorder card?

When a game’s such a forgone conclusion that people are willing to pay money for it before it even officially exists, developers and retailers face a dilemma: maintain that tiny remaining patina of mystery, or start makin’ them dollars? And neither Activision nor Target got where they are today by …

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Prototype 2 trailer reveals 11 ways to kill like a champ

Activision has a posted video highlighting 11 reasons why you should play Prototype 2. Granted, all of the reasons have something to do with creatively slaughtering the game’s enemies, but we assume “11 reasons why this game is not suitable for children” didn’t make it past Activision’s PR. Our favorite? …

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