Watch the latest Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order story trailer from Force Friday

The latest Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (opens in new tab) trailer has everything a Star Wars fan could want: lightsaber battles, an offscreen cameo from Darth Vader, wisecracking aliens, and more. The video’s debut was one of the headline acts at the Force Friday preview event, the semi-annual reveal of all things Star Wars collectible Star Wars for the year ahead. Unlike the combat-heavy gameplay demo we first saw at E3 2019 (opens in new tab), this trailer focuses on the people Cal will meet (and clash with) on his journey.

That said, if you want firm answers about how Cal survived the Jedi purge and what he’s looking for as he flies from planet to planet, this is not the trailer you’re looking for. “He’s searching for something,” says the Second Sister, an Inquisitor dedicated to hunting down remaining Jedi. “Something very precious to the Empire.” The sound of Darth Vader’s mechanical breathing apparatus can be briefly heard just before she speaks.

We see Cal wandering through ancient ruins, eventually finding a relic with the icon of the Jedi Order emblazoned upon it. “We’re done hiding, Cal,” says the voice of his new mentor Cere Junda (the one who rescues him at the start of the trailer, herself a former Jedi Knight). It sounds like whatever Cal is searching for could help bring back the Jedi, or do something far worse if it ends up in the hands of the Empire. After that, Cal fights a whole bunch of stuff: a giant shrieking bat thing, scout troopers, and the Second Sister again, though it looks like that scene loops back around to the start of the trailer.

We’ll soon see if Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the new narrative-driven, single-player Star Wars game we’ve waited nearly a decade for- it’s set to arrive on November 15, 2019.

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