Epic Games stores next free game is Rime, an artful adventure with an adorable fox

The Epic Mega Sale is in its second week over at the Epic Games store and now you can get another free game. Up next is Rime (opens in new tab), the wordless, worldly adventure from Tequila Works. It follows on the tails of metatextual horror game Stories Untold, which you still have a week to claim on top of snagging your free copy of Rime.

All you need to do to secure your copy of Rime is head to the store and “purchase” it for free. You don’t need to install anything – it will be permanently added to your Epic Games store account and ready for you whenever you want to play. It’s worth the modicum of effort – here’s the first paragraph of our 4 and 1/2 star review from back in 2017.

“It’s clear from the outset that Rime is special. With a slow, deliberate introduction, we meet a boy, washed ashore on a strange and unfamiliar beach with seemingly no memory of how he got there. A sweeping, beautiful soundtrack kicks in as the boy rises to his feet and takes his first, fragile steps. There’s no tutorial, no exposition, just a skillfully directed welcome to this fantastical world and a vague sense of direction, your gut begging you to get out and explore.

It’s very Team Ico. The Epic Mega Sale will submit two more free games for your approval before the event ends, then it will go back to just giving out a free game every other week.

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