Release Radar: Our pick of the weeks best TV, movies, and games (May 4-10)

1. Celebrate Star Wars Day with the behind-the-scenes Mandalorian documentary 

May the Fourth be with you, Star Wars fans. The annual celebration of all things in the galaxy far, far away is super-sized this year. Not only are we getting The Rise of Skywalker and the Clone Wars finale on Disney Plus, but the Disney Gallery is presenting the first of an eight-part Mandalorian behind-the-scenes documentary charting the making of the entire first season.

While you’re likely to get your fill of Baby Yoda, it’s the roundtables that should catch the eye. The likes of Taika Waititi, Jon Favreau, Bryce Dallas Howard, and more are set to take part in a discussion among the directors and creators of the series. Who knows what secrets will be laid bare – and what that could all mean for the second season.

What: Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian: Season 1
Where: Disney Plus
When: May 4 

2. Something creepy is slithering onto AMC

If you missed the fun and freaky Creepshow when it debuted on Shudder, you’ll have the chance to catch it again on AMC this week. It’s an anthology series of great horror stories from people like Stephen King and Birdbox writer Josh Malerman, and a spin-off of the classic Creepshow movies directed in the 80s by George A. Romero and Michael Gornick. As well as packing in plenty of nasty surprises the series also manages to lean into old school, comic-book horror themes, making it a delight to watch whether you’re a hardened horror addict or a new devotee looking to feel a few thrills when the lights go out. 

What: Creepshow
Where: AMC
When: May 4 

3. John Wick Hex brings its particular brand of gun-fu chess to PS4 

Originally released on PC last year, John Wick Hex is finally making its debut on console this week, starting with PS4 before we hopefully get an Xbox One release later down the road. The turn-based strategy game from Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell is that rarest of beasts: an officially licensed spin-off game that actually understands its source material, rather than attempting to merely cash in on the brand association with Lionsgate’s action trilogy. Smart, satisfying, and an easy way to pass the time right now, this is the closest we’ll get to a Keanu Reeves video game before Cyberpunk 2077 launches later this year. 

What: John Wick Hex
Where: PS4
When: May 5

4. Red Dead Redemption 2 on Games Pass 

Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to Xbox Game Pass for console on May 7, and honestly, there’s never been a better time to escape into this massive Wild West adventure. As well as a story of gangs, loyalty, and crime to lose hundreds of hours in as you hunt, fish, fight and explore, there’s also Red Dead Online, the ever-evolving multiplayer spin-off. This is a game that deserves plenty of time – which you may well have a little extra of right now – and will reward you with an incredible experience. If you haven’t signed up for Game Pass yet, this is the perfect excuse. 

What: Red Dead Redemption 2
Where: Xbox Games Pass
When: May 7

5. Get weird with Solar Opposites, a new series from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland 

We could all use a little more benevolent weirdness in our world, and Justin Roiland is here to deliver. Solar Opposites is an animated sitcom made by Roiland (the eccentric brain behind Rick and Morty) and Mike McMahan. It tells the story of a family of aliens forced to take refuge in middle America and I can already see how this is going to play out…

Solar Opposites has the same brand of bizarre humor as Rick and Morty, and that’s exactly what we need right now. Justin Roiland stars as the father figure, Korvo, while Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch is a fellow alien, Terry. Middle America isn’t exactly known for its liberal outlook on life, so I can only imagine what sort of hijinks will ensue – in one scene from the trailer, the alien kids pour soda into the brain of a bully to make her more amenable. Yup, it’s a Roiland production.

What: Solar Opposites
Where: Hulu
When: May 8

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