No, there are no plans to make a Celeste sequel

As the last instalment of free DLC drops next week, Celeste developer Matt Thorson has confirmed there are currently no plans to create a sequel for indie platformer, Celeste.

“We don’t really want to make a sequel to [Celeste],” Thorson told IGN. “Maybe in the future, we’ll change our minds, but right now we don’t know how we’d do a sequel justice. And, besides, we’re way more interested in making something new for our next release.”

As Jordan detailed earlier this week, Celeste is getting a bunch of new content via the free DLC Pack Chapter 9: Farewell, which will add over 100 new levels and over 40 hours of music by BAFTA-nominated composer Lena Raine. The update will be available free-of-charge on all platforms September 9, although the Xbox One version “might” come at a later date due to development challenges.

Don’t get used to such generous freebies, though. Reflecting on Chapter 9, Thorson admitted that Chapter 9 was only possible as Celeste has almost sold one million copies, and that has “really given [them] space to create on [their] own terms for the near future”.

“First of all, we really should be charging for it,” Thorson added, explaining that they “don’t like setting expectations that expansions of this size should be free”.

“We want to be clear to our audience that we’re only able to release this for free because we’re in a very fortunate position right now,” they said, “and that this really isn’t a reasonable thing to expect from any developer, including us, in the future.”

As for what’s next for the developer? The newly-formed Extremely OK Games studio is currently in the very early stages of developing a new game, but we’ll only learn more about it “when the time is right”.

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