New Apex Legends leak uncovers new Survival game mode, characters and abilities coming soon

Apex Legends (opens in new tab) may have only launched two weeks ago but we’re already eagerly anticipating the first major content drop from developer Respawn Entertainment. Thankfully, the game has already seen a dedicated group of community modders form up around the game – digging through the data for clues so we don’t have to. 

These valiant data miners have already unearthed some juicy deets towards what may come to Apex Legends in the future, with files found referencing brand new game modes, weapons, cosmetic items, and Legends – the playable hero characters we are all shipping on the dark corners on the Internet (if you don’t admit to doing this then you’re definitely a cop and this conversation is over). 

While Respawn has already promised that new characters will be making their way to Apex Legends as part of the reported Year One roadmap, this leak may well have exposes some early details on their potential ability sets. RealApexLeaks (opens in new tab) has discovered file entries for at least two new Legends; the first appears to have a working name of Octane, coming equipped with a Stim Injection ability but offers no details as to what that may entail – though Titanfall players will recognise Stim as a Pilot Tactical Ability that allows for a temporary boost to a Pilot’s movement speed alongside shortened reload times and heightened health regeneration. 

There’s also mention of another character, Watson, who allegedly comes equipped with a deployable Tesla Trap – we can’t look to Titanfall for any clues on this one, but using the power of guesswork I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that this is an offensive electric-based trap and that Watson as a character will be a direct counter to Caustic’s pain in the ass crowd-control gas traps. 

That isn’t all that has been uncovered either. There is mention in the game’s code that new ways to play are indeed on the way. If you’re looking for Solo and Duos modes – and, looking at the state of the Sub-Reddit, I’d guess that you probably are – there are trace mention of them in the files, while there’s also suggestion that a mode tentatively titled ‘Survival’ could be on the way. What is Survival? I’m not setting you up for a big reveal here, I’d legitimately love to know – but again the files hint towards the arrival of spectator and commentator NPCs that’ll cheer players on from the sidelines. Is Apex Legends going full on Battle Royale / Hunger Games? Again, I’m not asking these questions because I have the answers, but I would like to know all the same. 

In fact, there’s also mention of a full replay / spectator mode making its way to Apex Legends for the main event too. Right now, there’s no such system in Apex Legends so even a rudimentary kill replay – like the kind you’d expect to see in any other modern first-person shooter that’s been built on a foundation of Modern Warfare – would be a welcomed addition. There’s no better way to get better at the game than to try and ascertain some wisdom from the person that last shot you in the back. 

Data mining is an inaccurate science, but this information haul suggests that Respawn is either actively working these elements into Apex Legends for the future or has at least considered them before changing track. Either way, the first major content drop is scheduled to launch for Apex Legends in March alongside the Battle Pass and we’ll likely hear more concrete information on all of this in the coming weeks. 

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