Fallout 76 players are reportedly losing items to the Scrapbox in the premium Fallout 1st subscription

Bethesda announced and released Fallout 1st, a $13/month (or $100/year) premium subscription (opens in new tab) for Fallout 76 just yesterday, but players are already reporting major issues with it. Most concerningly, many players have reported that the bottomless Scrapbox included in the subscription is actually deleting Scrap from their inventories. 

Multiple (opens in new tab) Reddit (opens in new tab) posts (opens in new tab) regarding the Scrapbox have cropped up in the past 24 hours, and they’re filled with comments corroborating the problem. These players all describe a similar issue: you can store and withdraw Scrap just fine, but when you log out or change worlds, Scrap stored in the bottomless Scrapbox just up and vanishes. It’s unclear if this Scrap has actually been deleted or, if so, if it will be returned to affected players. 

The Scrapbox isn’t the only reported issue with Fallout 1st, either. Players (opens in new tab) also (opens in new tab) say (opens in new tab) that Fallout 76’s new private worlds – by and large the headlining feature of Fallout 1st – aren’t as private as they seemed. Players have found that brand-new private worlds sometimes contain dead NPCs and may be missing items and enemies that spawn naturally, which suggests that private worlds are actually private sessions of existing servers which have already been affected by players. Playing solo has also proven to be a challenge for some players, as several have reported that anyone can join a private world without an invitation as long as they’re on the host’s friends list.

These reports are isolated, at least for now, but given Fallout 76’s history, it wouldn’t be strange for it to launch new features with game-breaking bugs. Given the uproar around the very existence of Fallout 1st, let alone the price, the timing and nature of these bugs is unfortunate, to say the very least. We’ve reached out to Bethesda for more details on these bugs and potential solutions, and will update this story if we hear back. 

The release of Fallout 1st comes less than a week after the delay of the Wastelanders NPC expansion (opens in new tab), which is now scheduled to arrive early next year.  

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