Cyberpunk 2077 PC case mod contest could make your dream design real

Cyberpunk 2077 (opens in new tab) is calling all would-be PC case modders: this is your chance to bring the dystopian future PC of your dreams to life.

The Cyber-Up Your PC contest from CD Projekt Red is now open and accepting submissions through May 17. Don’t worry if you have limited (or no) experience making custom PC cases, because you don’t need to build anything yourself to participate. You just need to come up with the design, then submit three images showing its front, back, sides and top to the official website.

You could make a 3D render in a CAD program, draw the pictures by hand and scan them in, or do anything in between. No submissions from pre-made case design software, though. To make sure your design has a decent shot at the competition, you’ll want to keep three points in mind:

  1. At least one part of the design has to include reused/recycled material, to keep the “punk” in cyberpunk.
  2. Follow the design guidelines, including basing your concept on the Alienware Aurora desktop chassis, and feature the logo of an in-game gang or megacorp.
  3. Make the design reflect both the wealth and poverty of Night City’s tightly packed populace.

The selection jury will pick out five designs based on both the creativity and feasibility of their design. Those five selections will then be given to professional case modders who will team up with the original designers to turn them into real, functional PC cases. After all that, a jury will select one of the five as the final winner.

The person who submitted the winning design will get an Alienware Aurora of their own, including an AMD Ryzen 9 3900 CPU and one of those stylish limited-edition Cyberpunk 2077 GPUs (opens in new tab), as well as a 34″ monitor, plus a mouse, keyboard, and headset. Runner-ups will receive an Alienware Area-51m and headset. Hopefully they get the prizes out in time so the winners can play Cyberpunk 2077 on their slick new hardware when the game arrives in September.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these rad Cyberpunk 2077 V action figures (opens in new tab). 

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