How far can the GamesRadar team get in Limbo?

Welcome to Challenge Radar! This is our brand new video series where you – yes, you, dear reader – can challenge members of the GamesRadar team to complete a specific task in a video game. 

We won’t know what the task is until we sit down at the Challenge Radar video station, and read the instructions. That way we can’t prepare ourselves, or practice at all. The confusion is all part of the fun, apparently. We also can’t communicate what the challenge is until all of that week’s crew have completed the task. 

To kick things off our very own James Jarvis set us the challenge of seeing how far we can get in Limbo with three lives to our name. As you can imagine, it wasn’t exactly easy for a game that gets its kicks off killing a small child repeatedly until you learn what to do. 

Check out the video below to see how we did:

The GamesRadar crew are ready and waiting to be set your task. If you can think of something seriously challenging that you’d like to set for us to complete, please do let us know in the comments below. 

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