Gaming hardware

Is Xbox Series S worth it in 2022?

The Xbox Series X is now widely available, but what if you don’t feel like dropping $500 / £450 on a new console right now? That’s where the Xbox Series S price comes in. At just $299 / £249, the slimmed down version of Microsoft’s latest console certainly offers a …

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The best CPU for gaming 2022

The best CPU for gaming doesn’t have to be those processors that can boast the highest core counts and clock speeds, however, it certainly helps. Simply put, if you’re after the bleeding edge from either Intel or AMD then the flagship models will have more than enough under the hood …

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How to eject a PS5 disc

Wondering how to eject a PS5 disc? Don’t worry, new technology always requires a little learning, and this big new console is no exception. There’s actually two ways to take a disc out of a PlayStation 5, either with hardware or software, depending on whether you feel like actually getting …

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