Let some familiar faces walk you through the official Borderlands 3 guide trailer

We’ve got another Borderlands 3 trailer, and this one goes deeper than any one we’ve seen yet. With less than a month to go before the game drops, the Official Guide to the Borderlands tells you everything you need to know before taking on the evil Calypso twins, creators of a cult known as the “Children of the Vault.”

The trailer begins with Lilith the Siren, Commander of the Crimson Raiders and overall badass. She’s recruiting you to help fight the Calypso twins, but you’ve gotta choose what kind of Vault Hunter you’re going to be first, so she lays out your options – Moze the Gunner, Zane the Operative, Amara the Siren, or FL4K the Beastmaster. Lilith gives you some details on what each character is capable of, but there are deeper dives on the official Borderlands site (opens in new tab)

Next, everyone’s favorite annoying robot, Claptrap, pops in to remind you to hunt vaults in style and to stop by Quick Change machines in-game to change up your look. He’s quickly disposed of by Marcus, who picks up the guide to walk you through the buffet of weapons you can use in Borderlands 3.

“What’s a vault hunter without guns?” he asks. “You want elemental death machines to freeze your enemies solid or burn them alive with fire. You want tracking bullets, guns with legs, guns that never have to be reloaded.” Yup, he knows the way to a girl’s heart. There’s even the promise of “artifacts that give you crazy-ass alien powers.” Where do I sign up?

Borderlands’ own Nigel Thornberry, ehem, Sir Hammerlock steps in to break down the other planets you can explore in Borderlands 3, which is a big departure from previous games. Sanctuary 3 is your base, but it’s a spaceship that will let you visit planets like the classic Pandora, new city-planet Promethea, serene Athenus, and the “reptile-infested swamps” of Eden-6, which Gearbox’s narrative director Randy Director just described as “space Florida” at the Inside Xbox Gamescom event. I sincerely hope there are space gators. The promise of planet exploration is huge, and Sir Hammerlock assures us that it will bring new adventures and fearsome foes. 

Finally, enter Ellie for a breakdown on the newest vehicles and their extensive customization options, from new paint jobs to mountable rocket launchers. After this trailer, you’ll be more than prepared to help Lilith take on the Calypso twins and their Children of the Vault cult. 

Borderlands 3 is dropping September 13 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. 

For more on your future as a Vault Hunter, check out Borderlands 3 release date, characters, trailer, and everything we know (opens in new tab)

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